Really Cool Easy Magic Tricks


Magic tricks range in difficulty from very simple and easy requiring no props, to highly elaborate and complex with lots of props. Simple magic tricks can be used for entertainment at a party or to entertain children. Also, simple magic tricks can make great ice breakers.

The Magnetic Pencil

  • The "Magnetic Pencil" is a trick in which the performer grabs a pencil with their hand and then opens their hand but the pencil does not fall.
    The trick is in the hand position. First, only show the back of the hand to the audience. Then, with the right hand, pick up a pencil clutching it in the hand vertically. With the left hand, grab the right wrist and stealthily extend the index finger into the right palm. Pretend to concentrate for effect and pin the pencil to the right palm with the left index finger. The other fingers on the left hand are wrapped around the wrist. Slowly begin to open the right hand and magically the pencil does not fall, thanks to the left index finger holding it there. Make sure the back of the right hand always faces the audience.

The Vanishing Toothpick

  • One minute the magician is holding a toothpick and the next the toothpick vanishes out of thin air.
    Start by holding the tooth pick up with one hand have an audience member take a look at both hands and see that there are no tricks involved. Rolling up the sleeves makes it more convincing. The trick is to wear a loose ring. Hold up the tooth pick in the hand and tell the audience you will make it disappear and reappear. Now take both hands and make it look like you are struggling to crush the toothpick in your hands. Secretly simply put the toothpick inside the band of the ring on the back of the hand. The toothpick will be held in place by the ring. Now show the audience the empty hands, palms up of course. Tell them you will make it reappear now and put your hands together again and retrieve the toothpick.

The Bending Spoon

  • In this trick the magician makes a spoon bend, then magically restores it to its original shape. There is no trick spoon involved, the illusion lies in how the magician holds the spoon. First, have an audience member examine the spoon to make sure it is real and solid. Take the spoon in both hands and place it between the ring and little finger on the left hand as far down the spoon as possible, while still concealing the top of the spoon's handle in your hands. Next, pretend to push the spoon down hard on the table, struggle to make the end of the spoon move. This will look like its being bent when actually the spoon is just moving inside the magician's cupped hands. When the spoon is fully bent, tell the audience it will be restored to its original shape. Shake the spoon in your hands violently, then reveal the perfect spoon.

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