Creative Painting Ideas for Kids' Rooms


Instead of drab, boring white walls, turn a child's room into an imaginative space that reflects and inspires creativity. Chalkboard paint, murals and glowing stars provide visual interest while serving as a background for many hours of imaginative play and personal time.

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A chalkboard-painted wall serves as an interactive play station that takes up no extra floor space. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint in a free area of your child's room, or use it on a closet door or the inside of the bedroom door for a compact drawing area. Use one of the child's favorite colors for the chalkboard paint instead of the usual black, for a decorative touch. For an even more creative environment, paint several cartoon people, animals or aliens on the wall with a regular paint, along with chalkboard "speech bubbles" where the child can create ever-changing conversations between creatures. As yet another option, make silhouettes of people in chalkboard paint, allowing the child to draw facial expressions and clothing, and change their look any time.

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Decorate one or all of the walls with a sky scene that includes both daytime and nighttime looks. For the daytime sky, paint puffy clouds over blue walls. Use a solid light blue color for the entire wall, or start with a deep blue near the ceiling, gradually adding a bit more white as you work your way down for an ombre look that emulates an expansive view of the sky. Use a sea sponge or brushes to dab several shades of white on to create puffy clouds. A hint of gray represents water in the clouds and adds depth to them. For the nighttime view, spatter glow-in-the-dark paint on the wall in bands, gliding your thumb over a toothbrush loaded with the paint to create the tiny glowing star specks. For larger, brighter stars, use the tip of an eraser or the back end of a paintbrush to apply the glow paint. Select a quality glow-in-the-dark paint that is invisible during the day to create the surprising transformation.

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Turn a room into a child's fantasy land by using murals and painted accents on all or most of the walls. For a castle theme, paint faux stone blocks over one or more walls, or paint a mural of a castle on a hill off in the distance. Add plywood walls and a castle tower around a loft bed and paint it to match the castle bricks. The bottom area serves as a dungeon or private getaway space in the castle. Paint a wall to look like the mast of a pirate ship at sea, adding a treasure map to a wall on the opposite end of the room. Another wall may feature a treasure chest partially buried in sand.

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If you prefer to keep the walls mostly the same shade for a cohesive look, jazz them up a bit with colorful accents. Paint a strip around the middle of the room that looks like a road, using magnetic paint, for a young child to play with craft-foam cars. A magnet glued onto the car backs makes them stick to the walls. Or paint a looping road or racetrack that starts on the wall -- or even on the floor -- continuing up over a corner of the ceiling, then back down another wall. Paint a series of ombre stripes in a band across the wall near the center for an accent in an older child's room; use colors that coordinate with other items in the room. A tire-tread or paw-print design over part of the wall suits a child who enjoys cars or animals.

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