Parts of a Shower Faucet


Having knowledge about the parts of a shower faucet and the different types of shower faucets available will make repairing a shower faucet or replacing it much more straight forward. The parts of a shower faucet are something that most consumers take for granted because when the shower faucet is working correctly we just don't give it a second thought. It's not until there is a problem with one or more parts of the shower faucet that we need to learn about the different parts, the different types of faucets and repair techniques. The parts of a shower faucet that may need to be repaired or replaced are specific to the type of faucet that is used.

Washer Type Faucets

  • Washer type faucets are the most common type of shower faucets on the market today. Over time and with regular use, the rubber washers harden or do not sit properly on the faucet area resulting in a leak. Washers are simple to remove and replace so you needn't replace the whole shower faucet when the washers wear out. You just need to remove the washer and replace it with one that is the same size and preferably the same composition.

Cartridge Type Faucets

  • The cartridge type shower faucets are simple and feature only one moving part. Removing the cartridge usually is not difficult, and the cartridge can simply be taken out and replaced by a new one. The cartridges are often sold in faucet repair kids that will give detailed instructions on the best way to remove the old cartridge so damage to the shower faucet can be avoided.

Disc Type Faucets

  • Disc type faucets may have one or two handles, and over time they may begin to leak. The parts of a shower faucet of this variety that often need to be replaced are the o-rings. To replace the o-ring, the disc assembly will need to be removed from the faucet. Beneath the disc area there is a seal, which is the o-ring. Replacing this o-ring with one of the same size and composition will usually stop the leak. For a disc assembly that is worn, replacing the entire assembly may be necessary.

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