Whiteboard Design Ideas

Whether you need a space to leave notes for the family or a spot to get inspired, adding a whiteboard in your home can help you get organized. Also called dry-erase boards, whiteboards are available in a number of shapes and sizes, and you can use them almost anywhere in your home.

  1. In the Office

    • If your office environment is far from organized, add a single whiteboard to the wall to keep track of your calendar or to brainstorm ideas for that upcoming project. If a small whiteboard space is not enough, you can turn an entire wall or room into a whiteboard with a either a whiteboard paint or dry-erase paint. For a creative twist on the standard whiteboard, find a large, old piece of metal or a metal tray and turn it into a magnetic whiteboard with a coat or two of whiteboard paint.

    In the Kitchen

    • The social hot spot of many homes, the kitchen has become the place where family members stay informed. Add a whiteboard wall calendar in your kitchen to keep track of where everyone is, or just install a little whiteboard on the refrigerator for notes. If you love to cook, a backsplash painted with whiteboard paint can create a spot to attach recipes or write down dishes you love until you can add them to your cookbook.

    Around the House

    • Don't limit yourself to the kitchen or office when it comes to deciding where to put your whiteboard. If you are the proud parent of an active toddler or creative kid, paint a bedroom wall with whiteboard paint or install whiteboard along the bottom of the wall to create a fun space to play and create. If you have a laid-back get-together planned among friends or family, try using small whiteboards to make placemats.

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