Origami Games for Kids

Origami is the Japanese art form of paper folding, which began in the 17th century and has since become popular around the world. There are thousands of different shapes that can be created through the process, which often uses folding alone and no cutting or glue. This art form is inexpensive and can help children to learn patience and spatial reasoning. To further entice your kids to try origami, there are several origami-related games to keep their attention.

  1. Plane Flying Contest

    • There are countless different designs of paper airplanes that can be created through the process of origami such as the Needle, the X glider, and the Wide Fenix. Demonstrate how to build these planes to your kids and then have them create several planes for themselves. Get a long tape measure and go out to the windiest field you can find. Have your kids compete for the farthest flying plane, then give each of the kids a prize for best design, best plane nose or any other award you can think to give so everyone feels like a winner.

    Boat Racing Contest

    • Similar to the plane flying contest, you can use origami to fold a series of paper boats and race them on a stream or river with a strong current. It is important that you use paper that is water-resistant or you use a substance to waterproof the paper after it has been folded. Different boat designs include the sailboat, the sailboat racer, the steamboat and the catamaran.

    Kicking Accuracy

    • When you folded up that piece of paper in high school to create a paper football, you probably didn't know that you were participating in a form of origami. In that game, one player typically holds his hands like a football goalpost and another player tries to kick the football through the uprights. Since that game can lead to sharp edges of paper hitting the face or eyes, use origami to create a box. Kids can create five paper footballs each and attempt to kick the paper footballs into the boxes. The person with the most kicks that end up in the box wins.

    Origami Video Game

    • If you have a child who is a big fan of origami but you do not have any paper, try out the origami video game available for free on the Bgames.com site. This side-scrolling Flash Player game is set in a world of origami in which you are a paper crane trying to avoid fireballs and other origami figures. The farther you fly, the higher points you get. The game is a quick time waster, and it may keep your child occupied while you go to the store to get the next stack of origami paper.


  • Photo Credit origami image by legrodu95 from Fotolia.com

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