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Whether your ceiling access point is small and cramped or large and luxurious, the way it's designed can help or hinder your interior decorating and your storage space. For a fresh idea on some old takes, get creative with your ceiling door's décor, but remember to keep it simple when it comes to getting up there.

Add a Ladder

  • If you have a small, old attic access space that requires a ladder or stepladder, think about creating a larger access point and adding a ceiling or attic access ladder. Available from a variety of manufacturers, access ladders typically come in two styles: the folding ladder and the telescoping ladder. The folding ladder folds up at a couple of points and slides into your attic, taking up valuable floor space. A telescoping ladder folds like an accordion and works well in small spaces.

    If you're remodeling your attic into a bedroom or den and you want a safer, more permanent solution, get creative and try a full pull-down set of hidden stairs. When open, hidden stairs look just like regular stairs instead of a ladder, but they require a larger access point than standard ceiling access stairs.

Keep It Hidden

  • Ceiling access points can be difficult to hide, but with a little thought and know-how, a ceiling door can blend into your décor. Install ceiling tiles that will naturally end at the edge of the door, hiding it from view. Increase the size of the door in your closet ceiling so the seam at the edge of the door is also the edge of the ceiling. If your access point is in a room where the ceiling doesn't matter much, add a large drop tile ceiling and have a single tile provide ceiling access.

Open It Up

  • If you need ceiling access in a garage or other storage area, try keeping the ceiling open. Instead of installing a full ceiling, leave the ceiling beams open, and slide or place boards on the rafters to provide storage. Boards can be hammered onto the rafters to keep items from slipping. However, before you store anything in an open ceiling, be sure to check the weight. You don't want the items stored in your open ceiling to come crashing down.

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