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Your Canadian friend is hosting the Halloween party this year, and the invites say costumes must pay homage to his home country. Or, everyone had to draw a country and dress accordingly, and you drew "Canada." Whatever the reason, you need a Canada-themed Halloween costume, but you're at a loss for ideas. Well, fret not. This country lends itself to several ideas for fun and funky attire.

Top Cop

  • Canada's policemen and women, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a.k.a. Mounties, wear a very recognizable uniform. The top is a scarlet red military-style jacket tunic, with a high collar. Depending on rank, there may be navy blue patches on the collar or shoulder polished brass buttons, and gold metal or embroidered badges and insignia.

    The bottom of the uniform is dark blue riding pants with a yellow stripe down the outside seam of each leg and a bulge at the thigh. The pants are worn with either a metallic or leather belt, and brown leather riding boots. A wide-brimmed, brown Stetson hat completes the look. You could buy an actual Mountie costume; or it may be cheaper to find each piece separately.

Team Player

  • Hockey is the official national winter sport of Canada and the country's most popular spectator sport. More players in the National Hockey League are from Canadian than from all other countries contributing to the league combined. A traditional hockey uniform is comprised of a helmet, gloves, team jersey and short pants. You could add detail to your costume with elbow pads, shoulder pads and shin pads. Most people are familiar with a hockey mask so wearing one may lend some authenticity to your costume, although in professional competition only the goaltenders wears a mask. Goalies also wear the most padding: leg pads, neck guard, catch gloves and chest protector.

Famous Faces

  • Another fun option is to dress like your favorite Canadian celebrity. The list of Canadians who have made it big in America is quite long. Some famous Canadians include: actors Pamela Anderson, Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Dan Akyrod, Michael J. Fox, Ryan Gosling and Mike Meyers; musicians: Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Neil Young and Sarah McLachlan.

    You and a few friends could be Canadian bands such as Steppenwolf or The Barenakedladies or Nickleback. Imitate the celebrity's style of dress, add the proper props, and practice your best French or Canadian accent, and you're good to go.

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