Zebra Face Painting Ideas


Zebra face paint can be exotic, dramatic, cute or artistic, depending upon the look you want. The same techniques can be used to create many different styles. All you need to create this look are make up sponges, clean paint brushes and two contrasting colors of water-based paints. Make sure your paints are made specifically for face painting to avoid allergic reactions or harming your eyes.

Basic Zebra

  • Spread the white make-up on your face first with the applicator sponge or brush. Make sure it’s smooth and even. Apply the black stripes with a fine tipped make-up or craft paint brush. The stripes should start around the edges of the face, and they should point inward towards the nose. The lines should be slightly thicker around the sides and grow finer as they move inward towards the center. Try to make the stripes on each side of the face match each other for uniformity. If you make a zig-zag strip on one cheek, try to paint a zig-zag line on the other cheek to match. Paint the bottom tip of your nose black. Paint black around your mouth.

Sexy Zebra

  • Achieving a sexy zebra look is all about doing up the eyes and the lips. Outline the top of the eye with thick black face paint or an eye liner pencil. Extend the liner at the inner corner of your eyes downward into the bridge of the nose. Sweep the liner at the outer corners of the eyes upwards toward the outer edges of the eyebrows. Line beneath the eye, extending the inner corner down into the bridge of your nose and the outer corner to the temple. Line your lips carefully with black face paint to make them full.

Baby Zebra

  • Paint a child’s face in cute baby zebra style. Paint the entire “muzzle” black by painting the space between the nose and the upper lip black or dark gray. Fade the black around the edges of the inner cheek by blending it into the white. Use thicker, straight and simple lines around the face. Paint a slightly think black liner under the eyes, and paint a black line along the crease of the eyelid to help the eyes look big and rounded.

Zebra Profile

  • Instead of painting a zebra face straight on, paint it in profile. Paint the zebra’s face in profile by applying white from the eyebrow line, down the side of your nose and around your lower lip. The lower lip is the zebra’s chin, and your eye is the zebra’s eye in profile. Draw the zebra’s jaw up along the cheek line. Draw the top of his head along the line of your eyebrow. After filling in all the white, use the black paint to make stripes. Paint the nostril holes on your upper lip black as well.

Partial Paint Job

  • Instead of painting your entire face like a zebra, you might want to do a less elaborate make up job, yet still get a great zebra look. For example, just paint your eyelids white up to the eyebrow; sweep the white out to the temple. Add a few thin stripes around the temples; use black eye liner around your eyes to complete the look. With some black lipstick, you’ll have a more subtle zebra make-up job.

Get Colorful

  • Who says a zebra has to be black and white? You can get creative and use other colors. Take any light color and dark color of your choice to create interesting combinations. Try a pink zebra with purple strips, or dark blue stripes on a light blue base paint. Try silver stripes instead of black for a more sophisticated zebra. For something fun and unexpected, make the stripes with glow in the dark paint when you’re going out at night.

Don’t Stop

  • You don’t have to stop at the face. Continue painting stripes into your hair line using black colored hair spray, or paint your neck, the tops of your shoulders and arms white with black stripes to match your face.

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