Top 10 Video Games for Women


Stereotypically, men believe women to be bad at video games. However, there are many video games women are not only good at, but actually like. While wrestling games may not be at the top of the list for females, games that offer many levels of enjoyment and those that can be played with other family members are the ones you can find on many women's wish lists.

Mario Bros.

  • Super Mario Bros. is a classic game many women love because it's quick, easy to follow and it looks cute. It's also a game that can now be played on newer Nintendo consoles (along with newer Mario games), as well as the older consoles. It can also be downloaded online.

God of War

  • God of War is an adventure game, like the Mario Bros. games, that is a little more intricate and violent. While it's still easy to follow with a clear destination, there is more freedom and it can be a little trickier, which many women can appreciate.


  • Braid is a game very similar to the Mario franchise in style, with a brain-quiz twist added to it. That added element will help women feel less lazy playing the game for hours on the couch.


  • Nintendogs is a game many women enjoy because it's a simple time-waster to bring anywhere with the Nintendo DS, a travel console. Whether waiting to pick kids up from school, waiting for a dentist appointment, at the airport or anywhere, the game helps pass time with a little fun.

Mario Cart

  • Any version of Nintendo's Mario Cart brings the familiar characters that women know and love to a new type of game, racing. Racing is quick, and women love that they can play along with kids, boyfriends or husbands for even more enjoyment.

Mortal Combat

  • While fighting games like Mortal Combat can be a little too violent for some women, many women love it because they can play a video game with a man and have a chance at winning with little skill needed, as mashing buttons will usually get the job done.


Rock Band

  • Rock Band is full of music that both men and women enjoy. Women can choose between guitar, bass, drums and vocals, and having a choice in game play is a big plus.

The Sims

  • The Sims is a game that can be played on many different consoles or on the computer, and allows women to control people, pets and to decorate a house any way they like.


  • The Halo franchise is great for many women to play with boyfriends and husbands, as well as friends online. The game offers customizable outfits and a way to get out some aggression with grenades and guns.

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