On Which Side of a Vessel Bowl Sink Should the Faucet Be Placed?


A vessel sink is a separate sink bowl mounted on a sink countertop, or slightly recessed into the countertop. This type of sink bowl has a different style than regular in-counter sinks and therefore is often chosen for bathroom remodeling. You have a few rules to consider when mounting the faucet for your vessel sink, however. The most important is where to mount the faucet.

Vessel Sink Mounting Configurations

  • Before deciding on where to install the sink faucet, consider the various types of vessel sink mounting techniques. The first is right on top of the counter. The sink bowl rests above the counter, so the entire bowl is exposed, which raises the level of the faucet since the faucet has to reside above the sink bowl. The second is a recessed mounting inside the countertop with the bottom half of the bowl resting below the surface of the countertop. In this configuration, the faucet is mounted lower but still above the sink bowl.

Traditional Mounting

  • Usually faucets mount behind the sink on the far side of the vessel bowl, which allows more room to move your hands and place objects along both sides of the sink and in front of it. All of the space in front of and around the sink is free. Only the area behind the sink is occupied by the faucet, which is the traditional mounting for any sink, including vessels, and is usually the first considered. When using a marble, granite or composite vanity top with your sink bowl, this will be the most common mounting method.

Left Side

  • The left side of the bowl is another consideration for mounting the faucet. If the area behind the bowl is too narrow to accommodate a faucet, mounting on the left side is another option. With most vanities, either the left side or the right side will accommodate a faucet when the rear edge will not. You are free to position the sink bowl anywhere on the vanity. So, if you decide on mounting it on the left, position the sink bowl towards the right side of the sink.

Right Side

  • Left-handed people will choose the right side over the left side since it allows for easier operation of the faucet's handle with the left hand, which is one of the only considerations when choosing between the left and right side of the vessel bowl. Other considerations include space to mount the faucet. A wall on the left-hand side of the bowl may limit space to mount a faucet, for instance. Or a cabinet installed right over the vanity may block access to the faucet on one side. Consider all obstructions over and on top of the cabinet before you choose one side over the other.

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