Why Is My Facebook Freezing When Everything Else on the Web Works?


When your computer freezes on a single website such as Facebook, the site is often the source of the problem. However, the tools you use to access the site and to navigate the Internet or malicious software can also cause a site to freeze. To put an end to this problem, investigate these areas.

Facebook Problems

  • Busy servers and site glitches can cause a site to freeze at any time. Check if other people are having the same difficulties in the Facebook Help Community and on sites that monitor website outages such as Is It Down Right Now? and Downrightnow. If only one part of the site freezes, such as chat text failing to appear, the News Feed showing a blank screen or the Timeline loading slowly, check Facebook’s “Bugs & Known Issues” page to determine if your problem is a known error and how to deal with it. Additionally, report the error to Facebook so the company can address the issue. For example, to report a chat text error, go to the “Problems Typing in Chat” page and follow the on-screen instructions. For other errors, click the down arrow at the top-right corner of your account, select “Report a Problem,” select “Something Isn’t Working” and follow the instructions on the screen to submit a report.

App Failures

  • Besides glitches in Facebook’s News Feed, Facebook Developer and browser apps can cause the entire site to freeze if they malfunction. They can also conflict with one or more other apps you are running and with updates to those apps, Facebook itself or your browser. To check a Facebook Developer app, exit the app, reopen it and try again. If the freezing continues and you think the app is responsible, contact the developer. Click “Report/Contact” on the app screen, select “I’m reporting a bug or loading issue within the app” to submit your report. If a developer doesn’t offer a contact option, report the problem to Facebook using the "Report a Problem" link. To check browser apps, disable recently added apps, if applicable, and retry Facebook. If the freezing stops, enable an app, test Facebook again, and repeat as needed until you find the problem app. Then, contact the developer to report the issue. He can then determine the cause of the problem, such as an outdated app, a known issue not yet repaired, or Facebook or browser conflict. If you haven't added any new apps, disable all of them, test them until you find the problem app and then alert the developer.

Computer Issues

  • Facebook can freeze if your system doesn’t have enough resources to handle everything you're running at a given time. Facebook’s graphics, apps and other features, your browser and any open windows can significantly drain computer resources. Close all open browser tabs and other programs, clear the browser’s history, cache and cookies, and then check Facebook. If you determine that your system still doesn't have enough resources, you may need to upgrade it. Additionally, an outdated, unsupported or malfunctioning browser, or outdated or malfunctioning Adobe Flash software, can interfere with Facebook’s functionality. Check that you have a supported browser on the Facebook Help Center’s “What Web Browsers Work Best With Facebook” page and make sure both your browser and your Flash software are up to date. If everything matches Facebook’s requirements and the site still freezes, reinstall your browser or try a different one.

Malware Disruptions

  • Active malicious software hidden on your computer can use up resources and interfere with browser functionality. Malware can also target your Facebook account and perform actions that can cause freezing, such as bombarding it with ads, updating it with multiple fake status posts or sending messages to your friends. If you think your system is infected, change your Facebook password and scan your computer with two different anti-virus programs. Start with your existing software and then scan using software from a Facebook partner, such as F-Secure, Trend Micro or Microsoft. To access one of these scanners, go to the “I Think I Have Malware on My Computer. What Should I Do?” Help Center page, select an option and follow the instructions.

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