What Is an Ingenium Flushing System?


Ingenium flushing system toilets utilize different design features than other toilets. The Ingenium toilets do not use pressure-assisted chambers, and like other gravity-flush toilets, they have a fill valve and flapper. There are other design elements, however, that differentiate the Ingenium from traditional gravity-flush toilets.

Kohler Technology

  • "Ingenium flushing systems" refers to a specific line of gravity-flush toilets manufactured by Kohler. Kohler claims the design of the Ingenium toilets not only makes for a quieter flush, but also increases the toilet’s flushing pressure, reduces clogs and keeps the bowl cleaner than traditional gravity-flush toilets.

Swirling Water

  • Kohler made the Ingenium toilets with a larger bowl, increasing the water surface area to 10 inches by 9 inches, to help with the swirling water technology. As the water exits the toilet’s tank, it flows through ports under the toilet’s rim like other toilets. The ports angle in a such way that the water swirls inside the toilet, cleaning deposits off the sides of the bowl with the increased pressure in the bowl. Kohler claims the swirling water also reduces the odor that comes from the bowl.

Flushing Power

  • Kohler says the design of the Ingenium flushing system gives the toilet’s 1.6-gallon tank the same flushing power as the 3.5-gallon toilets it manufactured before the advent of low-flow toilets. The swirling action in the toilet’s bowl creates more pressure in the drain line of the toilet, increasing the flushing power. Kohler also moved the position of the siphon jet, the large hole opposite the toilet’s drain hole, to maximize its flushing power. The drain line in Kohler’s Ingenium toilets has a diameter of 2 inches, making it larger than other drain lines, and it also is glazed like the bowl to keep waste materials from sticking to it and causing clogs.

Quiet Flushing

  • Ingenium toilets have a fill valve outfitted with a flow controlling device that normalizes the flow of water into the tank and toilet’s bowl. The normalized flushing results in less splashing in the bowl, according to Kohler. The flush valve also has a 2-inch diameter, making it larger than other flush valves, so it makes less noise as the toilet’s tank refills with water.

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