List of PopCap Hidden Objects

PopCap is one of many sites online that offer one-hour free sample downloads of a variety of computer games. After the hour is up, you have the option of deleting the game or purchasing it to finish it. One of the most common genres of casual games is the hidden object game. Search scenes stuffed full of unrelated objects to find a list of certain items, which will help you attain a goal or finish a quest. PopCap offers a number of hidden objects, some in a series and some unrelated to any others.

  1. Amazing Adventures Series

    • The "Amazing Adventures" series of hidden objects games offer a small lesson in history or geography along with your puzzle fun. Each game offers dozens of levels that cover a certain geographical region. The series includes "Around the World," "The Caribbean," "The Forgotten Dynasty" and "The Lost Tomb." Each game in this series has more than 100 levels, so you'll have a good amount of play left after the free hour is up.

    The Escape Series

    • In the "Escape" series, you have been placed in a position of peril and must solve a series of puzzles and find hundreds of objects to save yourself and escape the danger. Whether you've been stranded in an abandoned mountain village, alone on a suddenly empty cruise ship or shipwrecked on a spooky island, you will need to search more than 25 different locations to locate some of the thousands of available items.

    The Mystery P.I. Series

    • In the "Mystery P.I." series of hidden object games, you play as a private investigator hired to solve mysterious crimes. Hunt down a movie, gold, famous crown jewels or a bundle of cash stolen from Vegas casinos. In each game you'll find the familiar objects and play mini-games to find the clues and solve the crimes.

    Vacation Quest

    • In the stand-alone game "Vacation Quest," you're on a cruise vacation to a number of tropical islands. Explore 28 islands to find more than 2,000 different hidden objects. "Vacation Quest" is a more relaxed version of the typical hidden object game. It includes a relaxed mode without the timer so you can simply concentrate on finding every object and solving every puzzle without worrying about time running out.

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