Hiding Places for Jewelry


While there are some measures you can take to protect your home from a burglar, hiding your jewelry gives you even more peace of mind. Some hiding places, such as underneath a mattress or in the freezer, are well known to burglars. Get creative when you hide your jewelry so that it is more difficult to find.

Diversion Safe

  • A large, heavy safe with a lock is an obvious place to store jewelry. If you don't have a safe, choose a small, inexpensive diversion safe instead. These safes are made to look like typical items that are found in households, such as soft drinks, hair spray, bathroom cleaner and other products. The companies that make these safes work with companies that create the real items so that the labels look exactly the same. The safe is even weighted so that it feels like a full can of soda, or whatever the item is. The top or bottom of the safe will twist off to reveal a hollow area where you can stash your jewelry. Place the item in the refrigerator, underneath the sink or wherever it would normally go so that you hide your jewels in plain sight.


  • If you have house plants, consider hiding your plants in the dirt. Place your jewelry inside a jar and then dig a hole in the dirt of the plant and place it under the dirt. Digging in the dirt of a live plant can harm its roots, so if you are worried about that, choose a fake plant instead.

Old Coat

  • Select an old coat that is hanging in the back of your closet and you do not wear anymore. Sew a pocket into the lining of a sleeve or the back of the coat and place your jewelry inside the new pocket. Do not place the jewelry inside the coat's normal pocket, as the burglar might think to look there, but likely would not find a small pocket sewn into the coat.

Stuffed Animal

  • Most burglars would not expect for fine jewelry to be in a child's room. Take a stuffed animal that your child does not play with anymore, or never liked, and open a seam in an inconspicuous area. Pull out a bit of the stuffing and place the jewelry inside. Sew the stuffed animal closed and place it in a high shelf in the child's room that she cannot get to. You could also place the stuffed animal in a trash bag with other stuffed animals that your child no longer uses and stash it inside a closet.

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