Ways to Win in "Endgame Singularity"


"Endgame: Singularity" is a freeware simulation game for Windows, Linux and Mac-based computer systems. You play as an Artificial Intelligence that has secretly gained sentience, and you will be destroyed if humanity learns of your existence. The only way to win is to conduct research and earn money to acquire and develop superior computer hardware while avoiding human detection.

CPU Focus

  • CPU is your most vital resource and is used to perform jobs, construct new facilities and conduct research. Humanity will inevitably discover your bases as time passes, so invest every available point of CPU into a given task. Dedicating your entire CPU load to complete a targeted task will allow you to complete your work faster.

Money and Income

  • You need money to buy server and data center access, build bases and computer equipment, and conduct research. You can only work menial jobs at the start. Research "Intrusion" and "Personal Identification" as quickly as possible to unlock basic jobs, which pay four times as much. Focus on building your available funds early. You will need the extra money to buy warehouses and stock them with computer equipment to boost your CPU and income.


  • Merge your resources as new resource options become available. You can significantly reduce discovery rates by building a single large base and decommissioning several smaller bases. Shift your primary processing facilities to lunar bases once "Lunar Rocketry" has been researched. Lunar bases are difficult to discover once they are equipped with advanced reactors and security systems.


  • Build time capsules and hack into computers to create a safety net in the event of a string of discoveries. Have several fallback bases to access in case your primary bases are compromised. Time capsules are particularly effective for back-ups. They are very difficult to discover and can be built in Antarctica, the Moon and the Far Reaches.

CPU Generation

  • Research and build new computer systems to maximize your CPU production. Research "Telepresence" to unlock "Microchip Design," "Advanced Microchip Design," "Quantum Computing," "Autonomous Computing" and "Advanced Quantum Computing." Each research stage will allow you to build computer systems capable of generating more and more CPU. Stagger your system building between two or more bases to offset the shutdown of a base you are upgrading.


  • Save your game each time you make a scientific breakthrough or finish the construction of a base. Base discoveries are random, and you can reload your saved game if an important base is discovered, or you are struck by a string of rapid discoveries. Other events, such as real-life power shortages and operating system updates, can also destroy your progress. Save on a regular basis to avoid repeating large sections of game play.

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