Gimp Styles with Two Strings


Also known as boondoggle or craft lace, gimp is a flat plastic string that comes in several colors used to make lanyard-type projects. Different gimp designs can be done using two colored strands and a various stitching style. Good contrast between the colors creates eye-catching gimp designs.

Butterfly Stitch

  • The butterfly gimp style uses a looping process to create a style that looks like butterfly wings. Use two strands of even length, and tie a knot at one end. Bend the right strand to form a loop. Cross that strand behind the left strand. Bring the left strand up, making a loop, into the right strand's loop. Pull the right strand tight to secure the loops. Take the right strand and form another loop through the left strand's loop. Continue making loops, using alternating strands. Pull the strands tight after each loop to secure your stitches. After several stitches, you will see the butterfly wing design forming.

Square Stitch

  • The square stitch is also known as the box stitch. It has a checkerboard appearance. Cross two even-length strands of gimp over one another at the middle. Take the bottom strand and form two loops over the middle by pulling each strand over in the opposite direction. Weave the top strand's ends over the first loop and under the second loop, pulling it in the opposite direction. After weaving both ends into the loops, pull the strands tight to secure it. You will see the checkerboard pattern. This gimp style is a continuous weaving pattern.

Spiral Braid

  • The spiral braid needs to be anchored by a hook with two strands folded in half. You will be working with four strands this way. Take the far right strand and wrap it around behind the two middle strands. Bring it back around to the right. Take the far left strand and wrap it around the two middle strands and around to the left again. The two middle strands will be the same color after a stitch is completed. It looks like a twisted braid when finished.

Circle Stitch

  • The circle, or barrel, stitch is similar to the square. Cross two strands at the middle, and make two loops with the bottom strand over the center again. Weave the other strand's ends into the loops as you would for the square. After you make your first stitch, you can create the circle style. Make two loops over the middle and hold them diagonally over the center instead of straight. Weave the strands over the first loop and under the second loop the same way. The circle gimp style is created by holding the loops diagonally over the middle before weaving. This creates the rounded barrel shape.

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