Decorating Ideas With Mesh Netting


Infuse a different look into a room with mesh netting. This transparent fabric can have various decorative uses around the home. It can hide a tired décor with a quick revamp and it is perfect for theming, adding texture and creating a light, airy ambiance.

Soft Furnishings

  • Use mesh netting to make see-through cushion covers to cover plain cushions to revamp with a textural finish. As an additional touch, embroider the mesh cushion cover with decorative detail, such as dots, flowers or shapes. Drape the net down in frills from a wooden or brass curtain rail to enhance a window frame. Turn it into a net curtain, or even hang a long piece of weighted net in an open doorway. If you want to change the look of tired walls, hang mesh netting as wall curtains.

Fairy Tale Bedroom

  • Create a fairy tale children's room using pretty pink mesh netting. Adorn a child's four-poster bed with the net by draping it over the canopy or make curtains to be hung and tied to the poster rails. Pin on clip-on butterflies to add a fanciful touch. Sew on pink and silver sequins in a random manner or create a decorative pattern to make the mesh sparkle.

Dining Room

  • Jazz up dining room chairs with mesh netting ready for a dinner party. Either make a sleeve to pull over the back of a dining room chair or loosely drape the net over the chair back and tie it behind the chair to keep it in place. Make table mats out of mesh netting to match the net theme of the chairs. Another idea is to lay a sheet of mesh over the tablecloth to create a textural surface. Cut strips out of mesh netting to turn into ribbons. Sew beads onto the mesh ribbons to make them look more decorative. Tie the mesh ribbons around napkins and candlestick holders to accessorize the dining room table.

Mesh Artwork

  • Be creative with different-colored strips of mesh netting and weave a wall tapestry. Create an abstract wall hanging by draping different-colored sheets of mesh across the wall in an artistic fashion. Use mesh netting as an art canvas and print or paint a design onto it using fabric paint. Make a collage by cutting shapes out of colored netting and adhering the shapes to the mesh net canvas by sewing or using glue.


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