Cute Halloween Ideas for Two Girls & One Boy


If you have two girls and one boy, come up with Halloween costume ideas that work together to create a theme. Themed costumes can make your kids feel like they're part of something together, and they can enjoy acting out their different parts or roles. Think about the types of interests your kids have and negotiate to come up with cute costumes.

Garden Costumes

  • If your two girls like flowers and your little boy enjoys chasing bugs, combine the two interests to come up with garden-themed costume ideas. You can dress your two girls as flowers and make your boy the bee that buzzes around them. Your girls may want to be the same flower, or you could make one girl a rose and the other girl a tulip. Cover their heads with flower petals and give them leaves for arms. For your bee, he will need a black and yellow-striped outfit with wings and antennae. If you plan on trick-or-treating as a family, you and your spouse can dress up like gardeners covered in dirt and carry around muddy shovels.

Cub Costumes

  • Two girls and one boy can make a cute family of bear cubs. You can dress them all in the same type of cub suit, such as all brown bears, or make them diverse by assigning one girl to be a brown bear cub, another girl to be a panda cub and the boy to be a polar bear cub. If you want to distinguish the girls, put bows on top of the cub hoods that cover their heads. A cub suit that covers their bodies from head to toe is also a good way to stay warm while trick-or-treating.

Vegetable Costumes

  • If you're trying to instill a healthy lifestyle in your house, have your kids dress up as different types of vegetables. Select veggies such as a carrot, artichoke and asparagus, and assign each kid to one vegetable. Not only is this costume idea cute, it can be educational. Besides assigning a vegetable to your girls and boy, talk to them about why that vegetable is essential to the human diet. This will help them understand their importance so they can feel proud about being a vegetable for Halloween.

Outer Space Costumes

  • If your kids are into planets, stars, suns, moons and galaxies, come up with cute costume ideas that incorporate their passion. You could create costumes so that the two girls are planets and the boy is the sun, or the girls could be stars and the boy could be the moon.

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