Outer Space Art Projects for Preschoolers


After gazing into the night sky filled with stars and the moon, a preschool child may begin to ask about outer space. Preschoolers are too young to understand the concepts of constellations and the solar systems, but they will understand basic concepts such as space shuttles, stars and planets. Engaging preschool children in crafts pertaining to outer space objects will be a fun learning activity.

Planet Earth

  • Begin teaching preschool students about outer space by explaining that humans live on planet Earth. Illustrate the concept by creating a craft Earth using a coffee filter, blue and green washable markers, black construction paper, glue, and a spray bottle filled with water. Instruct the child to flatten the coffee filter. Using the markers, have him draw blue and green swirls on the filter. Give the preschooler the spray bottle and help him squirt the filter with water a few times. The colors will begin to fade together. Allow the filter to dry for 30 minutes. Help the child glue to filter to the construction paper to keep it from falling apart.

Magic Stars

  • Many preschool children think stars are magical. Reinforce the magic and wonder of stars by completing this simple craft. Give the preschooler a sheet of white card stock, a white crayon, a paintbrush and black tempera paint. It is always best to use washable paint with preschool children. Help the preschooler draw stars on the paper using the white crayon. She will not be able to see the stars she is drawing. Mix 1 tbsp. of paint with 1 tbsp. of water. Instruct the child to dip her paintbrush in the paint mixture and lightly brush over the paper. Stars will appear in the dark "sky" she is painting.

Flying Saucer

  • Preschool kids will enjoy making a space ship. The only materials needed are two paper plates; a clear, plastic fruit cup container or the bottom of a gumball machine toy holder; aluminum foil; glue; a stapler; and beads. Staple the two plates together, rim to rim. Help the child glue the fruit cup on the bottom of one of the plates and allow it to dry. Allow the child to decorate the flying saucer using the aluminum foil or beads. You can also give him markers to draw on the ship. He can pretend to fly this space ship around for hours.

Space Shuttle

  • Explain to preschool students that humans travel around space in a vehicle called a space shuttle. Show her pictures of a shuttle and then allow her to make her own. Gather white paint, a paper towel roll, scissors, white construction paper, black construction paper, red construction paper, and glue. Help the child paint the paper towel roll white. Cut a large triangle out of the white paper to form the wings. Give the child the black paper and tell her to crumble it up and place it in the top of the roll. Cut rectangles out of the red paper and allow the child to glue them inside the bottom of the paper towel roll to resemble fire. Glue the roll to the paper triangle and "blast off."

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