Godzilla Games for Kids


Godzilla originated in Japanese movie monsters in the 1950s and has been a favorite of kids ever since. The larger-than-life fire-breathing lizard-mutant has a reputation for destruction. Some simple games for kids can get them involved in some harmless destruction and some other Godzilla-related activities.

City Stomp

  • Godzilla is known for his city-crushing activities, especially the city of Tokyo. Make buildings from cardboard boxes. Make "Godzilla" feet out of oversize footwear like large slippers, galoshes, rain boots or big shoes. For front paws, make green garden gloves with "claws" made of black electrical tape. Put the footwear and paws on the children and let them destroy the city, Godzilla style.

Egg Hunt

  • Even big lizards have an egg in their past. Cover a partially inflated balloon in papier-mache. After the papier-mache is dry (about 24 hours), stick a pin into the egg to pop the balloon, and then slice off the top off the egg. Fill the egg with candy, small toys and stickers. Tape the egg shut or reseal it with papier-mache. Make one egg for each player. Paint the eggs and then hide them. Each kid hunts until he finds one egg.

Memory Game

  • Make two sets of 1-inch tiles from pictures of Godzilla. Glue the pictures onto heavier paper to make them sturdier. Place the tiles face-down and scramble them. Turn over two tiles at a time. If the tiles are identical, remove them from the playing field. If you turn over two tiles that do not match, put them face down again and keep looking for pairs.

Video Godzilla

  • The Wii gaming system supports the 2007 game "Godzilla Unleashed." The player must use the Wii motion controllers to simulate battles with a "real" Godzilla. Choices made during the battle affect the storyline, and there are multiple possible conclusions. The player can take on the persona of one of 23 monsters and choose whether to amass an army to beat Godzilla or to battle him solo. The game has a party mode that can accommodate up to four players.


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