Frigidaire Dishwasher Running Very Loud


Frigidaire, a division of Electrolux, sells commercial and residential appliances, including high-end and budget dishwashers. These dishwashers come with specialized features, including stainless-steel finishes and Energy Star certifications. Frigidaire designs its dishwashers to produce a minimal amount of noise. If you hear an excessive amount of noise, attempt to locate and repair the problem on your own to avoid costly service repair fees.

Normal Noises

  • Your Frigidaire dishwasher normally makes a certain amount of noise, including water movement and pulsating sounds. You may hear a hissing sound as water enters from the fill hose. The motor also makes a lot of noise before the tub fills up. If you hear a thumping sound, see if the drain hose is hitting against the back of the unit. Secure it with a piece of tape or fabric.


  • A thumping or vibrating sound from inside the tub usually indicates that the dishes are not loaded properly. Stop the dishwasher, and see if the dishes are hitting against each other. Rearrange the dishes since this causes both chipping and cracks. See if the spray arm is hitting against any cookware. If so, move these items out of the path of the spray arm. The pump helps move water out of your tub. This pump, however, can clog with food particles, which creates noise. Remove the spray arm and lower the rack. Clean out the pump with a toothpick.


  • If your Frigidaire dishwasher vibrates or shakes a lot, it’s not level. Use a carpenter’s level, and raise up the lower end of the dishwasher with shims. Or adjust the four leveling legs. Tighten the legs if they are loose. If the floor is unstable, repair it before reinstalling the dishwasher. Or secure a piece of plywood under the dishwasher so that it’s level.

Additional Noises

  • A thumping at the back of your dishwasher usually indicates that the water inlet valve is defective. This valve makes a thumping noise as it wears out. You can’t usually repair this item, so you must buy a new one. A squealing noise usually indicates that the heater fan is rusted or warped. Order a new one from a Frigidaire parts dealer since you usually can’t fix this part. Dry the motor bearings with a cloth if they are wet, and replace the main tub seal if it’s leaking water onto the bearings. Clean out the spray arm ports if they are dirty and if your Frigidaire dishwasher is producing a whistling noise.

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