Fun Games to Play at the Ice Rink


The ice rink is a home to hockey players and figure skaters alike, but it can also be used for much more than sporting events. Ice rinks are a great place to host a birthday party or get together with friends. With these fun ice rink games, your next party will be a sure hit.

Four Corners

  • Four Corners is a great game for a large group. Number each corner of the rink, one through four. (If the rink is a circle, designate four separate areas.) In a hat or bowl, collect folded up pieces of paper with a number -- 1, 2, 3 or 4 -- written on each. Make sure each number is equally represented. Start playing music and allow the participants to skate around the rink. When the music stops, they all have to choose a corner. Once all participants are in one corner or another, pick a number from the hat. Any child in the corner that is selected is out, and must sit in the middle. Keep repeating this until one child is left, and that child is your winner. Let the winner be the one who picks the corners from the hat for the next game.

Freeze Skate

  • This game is especially fun on the ice. Play some music that the children will enjoy. When the music is playing they can skate around or dance, whatever they'd like. When the music stops, each child has to freeze. Whoever is the last child to freeze, and come to a stop, is out. This is especially difficult (and fun) if she is gliding on the ice. Repeat until one child is left and that is your winner.


  • Gliders is a suitable game for any number of participants. Line the participants up single file behind a line on the ice, or a marked spot. Each child starts skating, one at a time, by taking three strides to gain momentum; then, each must allow himself to glide until he comes to a stop. The participant that glides the farthest wins.

Cut the Cake

  • Round all the participants in a circle, holding hands, with the child who was selected to start out as "it" in the middle holding her hands together to act as the knife. The children in the circle will yell, "(Name), (Name), Cut the Cake! Make the pieces nice and straight!" At that point, the cake-cutter will choose a direction to cut through two people in the circle. The two players who are "cut" through will race in opposite directions of one another until they reach back to their original spot. Whoever gets back first, wins and keeps his spot, while the other person will become the cake-cutter.

Red Light, Green Light

  • This classic game is a hit on ice. The designated child who is "it" stands with his back to the participants, who are lined up side by side on the opposite end of the rink. When he yells "green light" the children start skating; when he yells "red light" the children must stop. Then he will turn to look at the participants and any who are still moving must go back to the start line. The player that reaches the person who is "it" first wins, and will be the new leader.

Safety Reminders

  • Any time ice rinks are involved, safety precautions must be considered. Ice is a slippery, hard surface that can cause severe injuries if not taken seriously. Be sure to go over all the rules and regulations of the ice rink before embarking on your fun. Remind children that they must stay in control at all times and that they cannot pull down a friend or purposefully run in to anyone. Take breaks throughout the event so that the children can rest and eat, because injuries are more likely to occur when they start to tire. Otherwise, enjoy!

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