Free Crafts Made With Soda Cans


Soda cans can be used for crafts in many different ways. Because they are made of thin aluminum, they are easy to cut, punch and shape in different ways to make accessories and household articles such as ashtrays and tea-light holders. The pop tabs from soda cans can be also turned into jewelry or decoration.

Soda Can Jewelry

  • Soda cans often have pretty colors and designs which lend themselves to jewelry. Snip small sections of the soda can with tinsnips or a sturdy pair of scissors and sand or tape the sharp edges to make jewelry elements. Soda can sections can also be pressed into polymer clay or other modeling material, giving a faux-enamel effect. The pieces can be pierced and hung on earwires or cord; they can also be linked together with jump rings. Longer strips cut from soda cans may be turned into cuffs and bangles.

Pop Tab Crafts

  • The ring pull tabs, also called pop tabs, from soda cans can be turned into jewelry and ornaments. Weave thongs, cords and ribbons through the tabs to turn them into bracelets, chokers and belts. Tabs can also be joined using jump rings or by snipping the tabs to create small gaps that allow them to be linked together. Short sections of linked tabs can be turned into ear drops. Tabs can also be connected together to form large pieces that resemble chain mail, which can be used to make purses and other accessories.

Soda Can Stoves

  • Soda cans can be cut down and turned into small but serviceable spirit-burning camp stoves. The base of one can becomes a reservoir for the fuel, while another is punched with small holes to make a burner. Use high-temperature tape to secure the elements of the stove together. It may require a little trial and error, but the result is a light compact camp stove costing only pennies.

Soda Can Lanterns

  • Make soda cans into lanterns by cutting strips or sections out of the can with a strong, sharp hobby knife. Before cutting, fill the can with water, leaving some space at the top, then freeze it. The ice supports the sides of the can so they don't collapse or crease while the can is being cut. Punch holes in the can to make a design and cut away a section to allow a tea-light to be placed inside. Cut strips down the sides of the can; these can be left attached top and bottom and bent outwards to make a lantern.

Soda Can Tea-Light Holders and Ashtrays

  • Once you've cut strips down the sides of a can, cut away the top completely to allow the strips to be splayed out. You can then curl, fold or twist them into decorative shapes. The concave base of the can can be hammered flat, creating a receptacle. This can be used as an ashtray; or, for non-smokers, a holder for larger tea-lights.

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