Random Things to Look for on a Walmart Scavenger Hunt


Walmart is a popular venue for scavenger hunts because of its vast interior and wide variety of products. A Walmart scavenger hunt is a fun diversion for a rainy day or a youth activity. Remind participants to be respectful of employees and other shoppers but also to have fun and keep a competitive spirit. If your scavenger hunt involves a big group or you plan a more-active hunt, get permission from store management.

Zany Photographs

  • Give each team a camera and tell participants to take wild photographs inside Walmart. For example, get a shot of group members riding bikes from the toy department, sword fighting with pool noodles, wearing oversized clothing or being stuffed into an electric cart. Groups can also take pictures of random items, such as an employee with the same first name as someone in the group, a stain on the floor, a misplaced object or a typo on a sign. For an added challenge, take more elaborate pictures, such as the group holding the ingredients needed to make chocolate chip cookies or everything needed to plant flowers in a garden.

Goodwill Hunt

  • Perform an act of service and have fun at the same time by shopping for people who can't leave home, such as the elderly, the sick or new moms. Before the hunt, ask people in need to write out a detailed shopping list and provide money to cover the cost of the items. At Walmart, give each team one person's shopping list and phone number. The first team to obtain and pay for all the items on the list wins. If teams have questions during the hunt, they can call the person who made the list and ask for clarification. After the hunt, each team can deliver the groceries to the home of the person in need.

Battle of the Sexes

  • Play this classic game with a Walmart twist. Give the boys a list of female-related items to find, and give girls a boy-related list. The first team to return with everything on the list wins. The boy's list can include things such as the cheapest brand of black waterproof mascara, nail polish remover, a DVD of a girl movie and an entire outfit appropriate for a fancy date. The girl's list can include motor oil, camping gear, golf tees and video games.

Insider Information

  • The advantage to this hunt is that groups won't be gathering physical items that will need to be put back later. Instead, they'll be writing down information that can be gathered only by combing the aisles and talking to Walmart employees. For example, have groups count the number of brands of cereal or candy in a particular aisle or how many toy dolls are on sale. Have them find out how long the store manager has worked at Walmart, how many square feet the store contains or how many parking spaces are in the lot.


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