Easy Ways to Make Pom Poms


Making pom poms is an easy and thrifty way to add decoration to your house for a special occasion or just to add color to a child's room. Homemade pom poms also may be used to decorate a wedding on a budget. Pom poms may be made with many different fabrics, depending on your requirements.


  • A pom poms may be made from yarn, using a doughnut-shaped piece of cardboard. Wind the yarn around the ring. Once the wrapping is complete, cut the yarn around the outside edge, tie the yarn, and remove the ring. The pom pom may be fluffed up and trimmed to make it tidy, or left to look shaggy.

Tissue Paper

  • Tissue paper pom poms make an easy and cheap wedding decoration, yet with a very professional look. Stack several sheets of tissue paper and make accordion folds, forward and back. Tie the folds with wire and trim the ends of the tissue paper to a pointy shape. Separate the pom pom layer by layer to form a ball.


  • Tulle is a type of netting and is a an easy way to add style to your wedding or to a room. Wrap the tulle 20 to 30 times around a book. Cut the tulle at the center of the book, then flip the book over and cut the other side at the center. Remove the book and stack the tulle, then tie the tulle in the middle with a rubber band. Fluff up the tulle into a ball.


  • Create colorful pom poms at no extra cost using fabric from old clothes or bed linen. Cut some cardboard doughnuts, with a segment cut out. Cut the fabric into 1/2-inch strips and begin to wrap the strips around the cardboard, starting at the outer edge. When you get to the end of the strip, start again with the next by wrapping it over the end of the last one. Keep on wrapping until the doughnut is covered. Do three layers, then tie the ends together in the gap. Cut along the outer edge of the template, trim the edges, remove the cardboard and fluff the ball.

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