Christian-Based Space Theme Crafts for Kids


Teach children about the universe while also teaching them about God. Explain to children that God is amazing and bigger than we can ever imagine because He made the solar system and galaxies. Explore scriptures that mention the sun, stars, moon and planets. Create crafts that reinforce what children have learned.

Coffee Filter Planet

  • Make this craft to remind kids that God is in control and holds the world in His hands. Show the kids how to flatten a coffee filter on the table. Tell them to use green and blue markers to color water and land to look like planet Earth. Show them a globe for reference. Let the children spray the middle of their coffee filters once or twice with water from a spray bottle. Watch as the ink runs together to make a realistic-looking planet Earth. Have the children trace and cut out hand shapes from construction paper, and glue the coffee filter in the middle of the two hands.

Mighty Meteors

  • Give each child an aluminum foil square, five long strands of crepe paper and a half sheet of old newspaper. Place the crepe paper streamers on top of the foil square so their middles line up. Crumple the newspaper into a ball and put it on top of the crepe streamers and foil. Gather the sides of the foil square around the ball and streamers so that you have what looks like a foil ball with streamers coming out one end. Secure the foil around the newspaper ball with a rubber band. Tell the children that according to Psalm 147:4, God knows all the stars by name. Have them write their names on their meteors and throw them to one another outside.

Multitude of Stars

  • Tell the children that God promised Abraham that his children would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Make a star-filled sky by having the kids draw stars with white crayon on white construction paper. At first the stars won't be visible. Explain to the kids that Abraham's wife Sarah couldn't have children, and Abraham wondered how God would fulfill his promise. Then let the children paint over their drawings with black or navy tempera paint. The paint won't stick to the wax crayon, revealing the stars the children drew. Share how God finally blessed Sarah with a baby named Isaac.

Solar System Shakers

  • Reach children Psalm 148: 1--3, which talks about the sun, moon, stars and planets praising God. Tell children that your class is going to reenact the solar system praising God by making shakers. Give each child two paper plates. Tell one child to decorate his plate as the sun and another child as the moon. Assign planets to a few other children, and let the rest decorate their plates as stars. Have them fill one plate with dry beans or rice and then cover it with the other plate, eating sides together. Staple the edges together to finish the shaker. Sing a class song, and let the children make noise with their shakers in praise to God.

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