Crafts With Pop Tops


Though you may recycle your aluminum soda cans, you can save money and the environment by snapping off the tab tops first. You can use the tab tops to make everything from rings to chain belts, saving you money on crafts and accessories. Saving the tabs also helps the environment by showing your kids how they can re-purpose everyday items. If the learn early, they'll create a habit that will last into adulthood.

Can-Do Earrings

  • These simple tab-top earrings work well as a craft for all ages. You need fishhook earring hooks and a couple of tab tops. Simply slip the tab tops into the jump rings on the earring hooks, and you have a new pair of earrings. If you have some extra paper and wire lying around, curl the wire into small rings, about 1/8 inch in diameter. Roll the paper into beads and suspend the beads from the pop tabs with the wire and jump rings. You can even connect several pop tabs together to create very long earrings.

Pop Tab Flower

  • Little daises made from soda can pull tabs offer a delicate, yet industrial accessory for any young lady. The craft begins with four pull tabs arranged as a plus sign, with the lower holes in the tabs lined up to create a central hole in the flower. Ribbon, embroidery thread, or even strips of cloth woven in and out of the central hole and between the pop tabs create the center of the flower and hold the tabs together. When finished, you can attach the flower to your lapel with a bar pin back, glue it to a ring blank or attach it to a hair barrette.

Punker Bracelet

  • This craft works especially well if you have several different colors of pull tabs. Some companies produce colored pull tabs on their beverages; you can find pink, green, blue and even purple if you drink the right sodas. The craft starts with a string of pull tabs connected by small, metal jump rings. The string should be long enough to go around your wrist. Add a second string of pull tabs, parallel to the first, with more jump rings. These rings should connect the tabs in the second string to each other while more rings should connect the second string to the first. Build your bracelet until it's as wide as you want it.


  • This craft works well for older teens and young adults. Since pull tabs already look a bit like chain links, it isn't a far stretch to turn them into chain necklaces, belts and bracelets. Pruning snips cut through the top and bottom of the tabs easily, creating just a small opening. Stack three tabs on top of each other so their snipped openings line up. Turn a fourth tab up on edge and slip it through the three openings on the left ends of the stacked tabs. Slide two more tabs into the same spot, creating your first two chain links. Build your chain this way until it's long enough for your purposes.

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