Are Magnolia Trees Poisonous to Dogs or Cats?


As a responsible pet owner, you’re naturally concerned about the types of plants your dogs or cats are exposed to outside your home. Since some trees, plants and bushes are toxic to animals, you must consider the safety of your pets when landscaping your property.

Magnolia Trees

  • Magnolia trees and bushes can make beautiful additions to your yard or garden. Magnolias trees are commonly used for foliage and include varieties of evergreens. Fortunately, Magnolia trees and bushes are not poisonous to dogs or cats, making them viable options for pet owners.

Non-Toxic Trees

  • According to the Animal Poison Control Center, magnolias are listed as non-toxic to dogs, cats and horses. This makes planting these trees a pet-friendly activity. If you’re planning a garden and choosing plants, consult the list of toxic and non-toxic plants available on the ASPCA website.

Lawn Care Products

  • Many lawn care products can be toxic to people and their pets, depending on dosage. Dogs and cats can ingest these chemicals by licking the plants or through exposure to the skin--generally, the smaller the animal, the faster the reaction. Lawn care products are easily absorbed in liquid form, so keep your pets away from the plants until the chemical dries.

Unknown Plants

  • While magnolias are non-toxic, plenty of plants are toxic. If your pet has eaten a plant and appears to be having a reaction, you should immediately take your pet and a sample plants in the immediate vicinity to your veterinarian.

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