Reasons Why Driving Tests Are Canceled


When there is bad weather or some other unavoidable problem a driving test can be canceled by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is usually done for the safety of those taking the test, although other issues can lead to a cancellation. If a test is canceled, it can almost always be rescheduled.

Snow or Ice

  • Just as snow and icy roads can cause cancellation of school days because it makes transportation difficult, snow can also cause the DMV to shut down or just cancel all road tests. This is done to prevent accidents caused by people traveling to and from the DMV office and also to keep inexperienced drivers from getting into accidents while taking their driving test.

Test Route Closed

  • The driving test is conducted on a planned driving route, and if that route is obstructed the driving test may be canceled. The cause of this may be a water main break under the road, a car accident or a large tree branch lying across the road. Many DMV offices have an alternate route, but if that route is also not accessible the test will be canceled.

Severe Storms

  • If a storm is serious enough, for instance one that involves a public warning from the National Weather Service, the test can be canceled. Storms that are this strong can involve flooding, tornadoes, hail or strong gusts of wind. All of these conditions are dangerous for drivers, especially new drivers.


  • Driving instructors do become ill, and if there is not anyone available to fill in for them the test will be canceled. Just as a person taking the test usually has the option to cancel the test if sick, the driving evaluator also has the option to cancel. This can prevent the instructor form spreading an illness to the test takers and also from performing poorly.


  • DMV workers are sometimes members of a union, and if there is a union strike it can cause a shutdown at the examining office. There is usually a warning issued by the union to the public so people can make alternate plans. On the other hand, driving test appointments are often scheduled far in advance of the date they will happen, so it can be difficult to avoid the effects of a strike at the last minute.


  • If the test instructions require that the person taking the test show up a certain number of minutes before the driving test time, but he does not show up at that time, the test may be canceled. If he shows up in time for the test itself, some DMV testing offices will consider the person taking the test to be late and will cancel the test.

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