Go-Go Dancer Hairstyles

Go-go dancing became popular during the "mod" fashion period of the 1960s, with hip young girls dancing in nightclubs and bars. Today, go-go fashion is still very much alive. Tall, platform boots, known as go-go boots, resurfaced in the 1990s and the cute hairstyles of go-go dancers, made famous by the model Twiggy, remain popular today.

  1. The Short Cut

    • Made famous by the style icon and supermodel Twiggy, short haircuts were all the rage for go-go dancers. Short "boyish" cuts such as pixie cuts and chin-length bobs were particularly popular. During the 1960s, Twiggy's cropped cut exuded androgynous sex appeal. Short cuts were often made more voluminous by teasing the hair with a comb and using hairspray.

    Side Ponytails

    • Wearing two side ponytails was also an iconic look of the youthful go-go era. This look is much softer than short styles and emphasizes a school-girl innocence. It's easily recreated with shoulder-length hair; simply divide your hair into two even sections. Gather one section and secure with an elastic near the top of your crown. Repeat with the other side. Use a straight-iron on a low heat setting to gently curl your bangs under. Accessorize with hair bows on your ponytails.

    The High Bun

    • As an alternative to the short pixie cut and bob, go-go dancer style also fancied towering high buns and big hair, swept up elegantly at the top of the crown. This look is best for long, straight hair.

      To create this look, spritz voluminous hairspray all your hair. Gather your hair in a high ponytail; the higher the ponytail, the more drama you will create. Secure the ponytail with an elastic tight band. Twist the ponytail tightly and wrap your hair to create a bun. Use bobby pins to hide stray ends. An important step to achieving the go-go look is teasing your hair. To tease near your crown, use a comb and move it upward along the hair and then downward. This creates a sexy "poufy" look.

    The Flip

    • The easy, no-fuss way to achieving go-go hair is the flip. The flip style is both flirty and sleek. This works with numerous hair lengths, but is best for straight hair. The '60s flip is simple to recreate. Take one-inch sections of hair and use a straightening iron to flip the ends of your hair outwards. To keep the look natural and sleek, use a dollop of shine serum throughout your hair. For volume, consider teasing your crown.

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