S10 Manual Shifter Gear Problems


Technical service bulletins (TSB) are published reports from manufacturers to authorized service centers concerning problems found with a vehicle. The S10 has TSBs published on the vehicle concerning problems found with the manual gear shifter of the truck. Different model years have different problems with the manual gearshift on these Chevrolet (Chevy) trucks.

Park and Neutral Switch

  • The park and neutral switch is difficult to remove when servicing the manual transmission of the 1998 S10, according to the published TSB. The connector switch is hard to remove -- even professional technicians find it hard to remove these switch connectors on the park and neutral. These connector switches prevent the S10 from being started in gear, which would cause the truck to jump and move forward. Damaging the connector switches allows the truck to be started in gear. Replacing the connector switches is the only correction for this gearshift problem.

Incorrect Transmission Shift

  • The 2000 S10 may experience an incorrect transmission shift during operation. The TSB states that this condition causes the service engine light to illuminate and the transmission to slip, and can cause poor engine performance. A slipping transmission hesitates before applying the selected gear. This hesitation creates a jerking motion when operating the S10 and eventually damages the internal gears of the transmission. The hesitation also damages the linkages of the manual transmission, causing play in the gear shift.

Pops Out of Gear

  • A published TSB on the 2002 S10 concerns the gear shifter popping out of second, fourth and reverse gear under normal driving conditions. The shift cable is too stiff, which creates this gearshift problem on the Chevy. The stiffness of the shift cable occurs because of a buildup of corrosion from road debris and moisture infecting the shift cable. Once corrosion and rust build up on the cable, it becomes stiff, causing the gears to pop out of position.

Transfer Case

  • The transfer case on the 2003 S10 can cause the manual transmission gearshift to complete the transfer from one gear to another. The gear shifter feels like it has completed the transfer from one gear to the next, but once the Chevy is accelerated, it does not move or jerks and dies. The TSB published on this S10 manual shifter gear notes that the problem occurs primarily on the four wheel drive truck or S10 Blazer. No specific reason is given for this condition, but replacement of the transfer case is the only cure for this manual transmission problem.

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