American Standard Tub Plug Installation


American Standard tubs, like all tubs, do not come with a drain-waste-overflow kit. These are standardized and must be purchased separately. They are generally installed before the tub is put in place but may be repaired and replaced after tub installation. Many kits have a drain stopper mechanism that uses a control lever at the overflow coverplate and either a pop-up or plunger-style mechanism. Another solution is to install a drain stopper that is controlled by hand or foot directly at the floor drain.

Types of Bathtub Drain Plug Assemblies

  • A "plunger-type" tub drain has a brass cylinder, called a plunger, that slides up and down inside the overflow pipe. The plunger is linked to the trip lever on the overflow coverplate and, when lowered, blocks the flow of water inside the pipe. A "pop-up" tub drain uses a rocker arm that pivots to push open a drain stopper in the tub floor. The rocker arm is controlled by a linkage connected to the trip lever in the overflow coverplate. A "foot-controlled" or "lift and turn" drain stopper has no control lever at the overflow and plugs the drain directly.

Installing a Plunger-type Tub Drain

  • Remove the screws on the old overflow coverplate. Remove the old coverplate, linkage and plunger from the overflow drain pipe by pulling carefully. Adjust the linkage on the new plunger assembly to the proper length by turning the screw rod. Tighten the locknut and insert the new assembly carefully into the overflow pipe. Reattach the coverplate.

Installing a Pop-up Tub Drain

  • Raise the trip-lever on the old overflow coverplate. Pull the stopper and the attached rocker arm assembly out of the floor drain opening. Unscrew the the old coverplate and pull out the coverplate and linkage assembly from the overflow drain. Lubricate the new linkage assembly with heat-proof grease and adjust to the proper length by turning the threaded lift rod. Tighten the locknut on the lift rod and install the entire assembly.

Installing a "Foot-controlled" or "Lift & Pull" Tub Drain

  • Insert the rubber-coated handles of a channel-type pliers into the old drain opening past the drain crosspiece inside. Using a screwdriver for leverage, unscrew the drain plug by turning it counterclockwise. Clean the drain outlet surface. If your stopper doesn't come with a foam washer, place a ring of plumber's putty around the drain opening. Thread the new stopper into the drain pipe beneath the tub and hand-tighten it.

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