Repair Instructions for a Sears Kenmore Electric Range


Many homeowners choose a Sears Kenmore electric range for their kitchen because of the brand's solid reputation and the wide range of product options. However, like any appliance, a Sears Kenmore electric range may occasionally experience problems that must be repaired for the range to operate properly. While major repairs are best left to a qualified service technician, there are many issues that can be repaired without professional assistance, and keeping some basic tips in mind the next time your range acts up may help make your repair work go even more smoothly.

Check the Power Supply if the Range Does Not Operate

  • A Sears Kenmore electric range relies on electricity to heat and cook food. When your range will not operate, there is likely an issue with its power supply. Begin by checking to see that the range is fully plugged in to a functional, grounded outlet. If the range is plugged in tightly but still does not operate, there may be a problem with the home's power supply. Check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped or a fuse has been blown. Reset the breaker if necessary or replace any blown fuses.

Check the Bulb if the Oven Light Does Not Turn On

  • When a Sears Kenmore electric range's oven light does not turn on, there is usually a problem with the bulb itself. Begin by turning off the power to the range and allowing it to cool so you can handle the lightbulb safely. Check to ensure that the bulb is tightly screwed in place. If the bulb is secure but still does not operate, it must be replaced. Once again, ensure that the power to the range is turned off. It is also a good idea to wear a leather glove to protect your hand from the heat and any broken glass that may be present. Be sure to use a 40-watt appliance bulb to replace the old bulb so it is oven-safe. In a Kenmore electric range with a self-cleaning feature, there is a glass shield around the lightbulb to protect it from high temperatures during the cleaning cycle. To release the shield, push the wire holding it in place to one side. After the bulb has been changed, remember to put the glass shield back in place.

Check the Leveling Legs if the Range Is Not Level

  • A Sears Kenmore electric range that is not level not only affects the look of your kitchen, but may cause uneven cooking as well. To level your range, open the bottom drawer and take off the metallic caps that cover the appliance's two leveling screws. These screws allow you to adjust the height of the range's rear legs. A nut driver or ratchet is required to turn the screws. Moving them in a clockwise direction raises the legs, while a counterclockwise direction will lower them. To change the height of the front leveling legs, a wrench may be used to turn the leg base. As with the rear leveling screws, moving in a clockwise direction raises the leg base and a counterclockwise direction lowers it. Place a leveling tool on a rack inside the oven to ensure that your range is level.

Replace the Oven Door if the Glass Panel Breaks

  • Most Sears Kenmore electric ranges have a glass panel in the oven door that may break. If you notice a crack or chip in the glass, the oven door should be replaced. Remove the damaged door by opening it so it is completely horizontal with the floor. Open the door hinge locks on the right and left sides of the oven frame with a flat-blade screwdriver. Close the door to the broil position and raise the oven door hinge arms over the oven frame's roller pins, which are located on either side of the door. When handling both the old and new doors, remember that they are heavy. Grasp the new door on both sides, hold it at the same angle that it would be in in the broil position and align the hooks on the hinge arms over the roller pins on the door frame. Open the door all the way, and close the door hinge locks. Shut the oven door and check that it opens and closes normally.

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