Seagull Costume Ideas


A basic seagull costume can consist of a white cotton turtleneck with white leggings, and attached wings of white or gray fabric. Fabric paint markers can outline the wing tips. A short tail can attach to the back of the shirt hem. For a seagull's legs, ideas can include wearing light-colored socks, yellow rubber boots or rubber gloves over shoes. A white swim cap or white kerchief can cover the head. Even the seagull can dress up as a human working in different occupations.


  • A white sailor collar, tie and jaunty sailor cap could top a basic seagull's costume. For accessories, this sailor can carry a pair of binoculars or a mop and bucket. Female or male seagulls can wear sailor-inspired skirts or pants.


  • An admiral seagull can sport a tailored navy jacket with epaulets, shiny metal buttons and a large admiral's hat from the 19th century. Instead of having full wings, this admiral seagull could wear white gloves or mittens detailed with dark fabric paint markers to depict wing tips. The admiral can carry a long glass or hand-held telescope.


  • A scavenger seagull can come equipped with a metal detector, sun hat and sunglasses for treasure hunting at the beach. This persistent beachcomber could carry a gunny sack filled with real driftwood, large, fake jewelry or abandoned pop bottles.


  • A seagull enjoys fly-fishing when equipped with a fishing rod, tackle box and hip waders. The sportfisher seagull can wear a fishing hat decorated with dry flies. A few imitation prized fish can peek out of a creel or other small wicker basket.

Movie Star

  • A seagull wearing fashionable sunglasses, silky scarf and costume jewelry can make herself a star. A sparkling short jacket or luxurious wrap that drapes off the seagull's shoulders gives an impression of the affluent gull that draws attention wherever she goes. Famous seagulls include Elvis Seagull with his signature black hair and sideburns.

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