What Is a Roller Grid?


When painting a small room or only a wall in the home, a small amount of paint and a roller tray is sufficient. However, if you plan to paint your entire home, you will need a much larger quantity of paint and a roller grid.

Definition of a Roller Grid

  • A roller grid is a painting tool made out of sturdy metal or sometimes plastic. It is a grid that has two hooks on one end of it so that it can hang inside a 2- or 5-gallon bucket of paint. It also has holes throughout the grid to allow excess paint to drip through and back into the bucket. A roller grid is to be used with a paint roller, not a brush.

How a Roller Grid Works

  • A roller grid is used when a painter dips the paint roller into the bucket of paint and then rolls it over the grid back and forth a few times. The grid helps remove the excess paint while helping to evenly distribute it at the same time. It also helps contain the paint by keeping it in the bucket.

Benefits of Using a Roller Grid

  • The roller grid helps prevent the painter from wasting paint. It stays inside the bucket, and so does the paint. Paint must be poured into the tray, and then any used has to be put back into the bucket. Paint clings to a tray and is wasted when the tray is washed. The paint bucket is less likely to knock over if bumped, and it is more difficult to step inside it accidentally. The paint tray is flat and can spill with the slightest bump. Trays are often flimsy and are more expensive if you choose to purchase a sturdier one.

How to Choose a Roller Grid

  • Grids are made for different size buckets. The most common grid sizes are for the 2- and 5-gallon buckets. The general rule is that, the larger the bucket, the wider and longer the grid. If you are using a small bucket of paint, you will obviously have to use a small grid. The size of the paint bucket will also affect the size of the paint roller you can use. You cannot use a standard paint roller on a 4-inch grid. The smaller grids are best used for trim and other smaller areas. Some brands of paint have the grid built into the bucket, so purchasing a grid would not be necessary.

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