How to Organize Your Home Using Towel Racks


Towel racks are generally a given in a bathroom area, but prove useful when organizing other areas of the home as well. The racks can also be stacked one above another on a wall when more storage space is needed, saving that valuable drawer space for objects that store better flat. When hanging towel racks on walls, secure them to studs, or use sturdy wall anchors to ensure that they won't come crashing down if a child pulls on them with all their weight, for instance.

Bedroom Closet

  • Random small items that have no particular space of their own in the bedroom can become difficult or nearly impossible to find when in a hurry, such as that perfect necktie or necklace that is saved for special occasions. A towel rack attached to a closet wall provides a place to stash neckties, arranged by color or frequency of wearing. Necklaces and bracelets that feature a clasp hang neatly from towel racks, keeping these jewelry items free from tangles. Belts also have their own space on a towel bar in the closet, held in place by wrapping the belt over the towel bar and through the belt buckle.

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Pot lids are the type of kitchen item that seems to accumulate in an unsightly pile within a drawer, if not kept on top of the pots they fit. Regain lost drawer space by installing a thin towel rack horizontally inside a cabinet door, then setting the pot lids atop the rack. The handles on the lids keep the lids from falling through. Under the sink, cleaning supply squirt bottles hang neatly from towel bars.

Craft Area

  • A crafting area is another space that often doesn't have quite as much storage space as needed. Keep the space organized while making supplies easier to find by hanging one or more towel bars on a wall, on the side of a desk or on the inside of a cabinet door. Hooks purchased from a store, or fashioned from coat hangers or craft wire, provide space on the towel rack to hold scissors, spools of string, craft wire, twine or elastic for crafts or sewing. Plastic cups with open-bottomed handles slide between the towel bar and wall and provide a place to stash artist's brushes, pens and markers. Fabric scraps fold and stack neatly over the towel racks for speedy access.

Garage, Shed and Mudroom

  • Small items sometimes become hard to find in a garage or shed. Hang bottles with spray handles over a towel bar on a wall, out of reach of young ones, but on hand when needed for tending to garden or shop chores. Keep small garden tools on hand by looping a string through the handle and hanging the string on a large S-hook placed over the towel rack. Bungee cords stay neatly hung out of the way atop towel racks, as do shop rags. In a mudroom or outerwear closet, a towel rack holds shoes up off the ground.

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