How to Add VBScript to Excel


Microsoft Office Excel includes many powerful features that you can use to automate difficult or repetitive tasks or add new functionalities to your workbooks. Excel integrates seamlessly with Visual Basic-based development platforms. Use its built-in Visual Basic for Applications editor to write small programs within the application and use the objects exposed by the Excel application to write VBScript code that interact with your Excel applications and let you do things like open your Excel file or change workbook data from an interactive web page.


  • Excel natively supports Visual Basic for Applications, which is a programming language based on Visual Basic. Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition is a lightweight, full-featured programming language that can run on any personal computer on which the Windows Script Host is installed. It is used for stand-alone applications that perform workhorse actions on the client-side and for Web programming. You can embed VBScript code along with HTML in active Web pages in or Active Server Pages to create interactive websites that can process data and interact with applications.

Excel Programming

  • Record actions that you perform frequently as macros and use the VBA editor to edit the underlying VB code in Excel. Excel supports this ability to do custom development because it uses objects with methods and members that you can access from within your program’s code. The VBA programming language is similar to the VBScript language and accesses the Excel objects in a very similar fashion. Use VBScript with Excel when you need to perform automated activities on the client side, for example, you can use it to write data into the cells of an Excel worksheet without opening the Excel workbook by yourself.

VBScript and Excel

  • Combine Excel with VBScript in the VBScript code. You first need to create your VBScript file in either a plain-text editor like Notepad or in a special editor that supports VBScript syntax. If you’re creating an active Web page, you’ll also need to write the HTML code for the page and enclose your VBScript code in special tags. You can use the exposed objects and methods to launch the Excel application, create workbooks, access cells, read and write cell data and formulas and even hand control of the Excel application over to the user.


  • VBScript is a fairly simple language to learn, but you’ll have to have some programming knowledge in order to combine the VBScript with Excel, which makes this an unsuitable task for novice users. You should ideally ask a programmer to help you with your program code if you’re unsure of how the language or constructs work. You can find tutorials and sample code online to help you get started with VBScript programming.

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