What Are Custom Wheel Rim Inserts?


Custom wheel inserts can mean different things to different vehicles owners. Inserts can apply to custom hub inserts that feature an automaker’s logo or a custom design. It could also mean lug inserts that provide different lug nut sizes. However, a custom wheel rim insert is a different animal altogether. It’s essentially a runflat tire that features an additional support ring, or insert, wrapped around the rim to allow the vehicle to travel with a destroyed tire.


  • Wheel rim inserts are common components in military vehicles, but are now available on performance cars and trucks, and as aftermarket accessories for conventional vehicles. The insert rises above the edge of the rim to allow the wheel to remain stable and move without the driver losing control. In theory, the driver can keep the vehicle moving and under control almost indefinitely. For example, the civilian Hummer H1, based on the military M998 Humvee, features wheel rim inserts. An advantage to the wheel rim insert is that the vehicle does not carry a spare wheel, which reduces the vehicle’s weight, and improves fuel efficiency and overall performance. Locomotives, industrial machines and marine equipment also employ wheel rim inserts.


  • Custom wheel rim inserts are available as a Caprolon insert, also spelled Kaprolon and referred to as polyamide 6-block, and a metallic insert. The Caprolon insert is superior to the metallic version because it consists of nonferrous and antifrictional materials. It’s the same materials used in ship repair, metallurgical industries, and oil-extracting and mining operations. Rubber bearings, bars, rods and ship stern tubes use Caprolon. Most importantly, it’s resistant to corrosion.

Caprolon Insert

  • The Caprolon insert for civilian vehicle and military vehicles guarantees the continuous movement of the vehicle in emergency situations that includes a blowout, tire explosion or damage due to gunfire. The tire rim insert can allow a flat tire to travel up to 100 kilometers. It prevents the rim from dropping to the ground when the tire is blown off or ripped from the rim. The wheel insert can only be applied to tubeless tires. The insert is available for steel and light-alloy wheels, and can withstand up to 5 tons of weight from the vehicle. It’s installed on wheel rims between 15 and 20 inches in diameter.

Metallic Insert

  • Metallic custom wheel rim inserts are commonly used for vehicles that transport goods or passengers, such as buses. It’s also used on armored cars. Commonly referred to as a security rim, it is comprised of metal and installed on the radius of the wheel ranging from 13 to 22.5 inches in diameter. It’s designed for easy maintenance and repair. It keeps the vehicle stable in the event of a blow out and allows the vehicle to continue traveling without interruption up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers.

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