What Is an Internal Margin?


An internal margin is the space between the border of an element, such as a label, cell or text box, and the contents of the element. For a website element, you can change the internal margin using the "padding" property. For elements in graphs, presentations and documents, a menu option is usually available to adjust the internal margin. You can change the internal margin inside spreadsheet cells by altering the text size, changing the column width or changing the row height.


  • A margin is an area of empty space, like the blank paper around the text on a printed page. If you have elements such as text boxes, shapes, diagrams or graphs containing text, the external margin is the space around the element, while the internal margin is the space between the border of the element and the text inside.

Website Elements

  • Website elements are arranged relative to one other and to the page using HTML tags such as "div" and "span," which can be customized with properties such as "margin" and "padding." The margin tag creates a space around the outside of an element, while the padding tag puts an internal margin around the contents of an element. You can set a specific margin by specifying the amount of space in each direction around the text in this order: top, right, bottom, left. For example, "padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px" would place an internal margin of 10 pixels on all sides around the contents of an element.

Microsoft Graph

  • Microsoft Graph, also called Microsoft Chart, is a shared application used by various Microsoft Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Graph gives you the ability to add graphs, charts and other graphic elements to your projects. You adjust the internal margin of an element by left-clicking on it and selecting the element type (Text Box or AutoShape) from the Format menu. Select the “Margins” tab to access the Internal Margin options.


  • If you are using Graph to add elements to an Excel spreadsheet, you can change the internal margins from the Format menu as you would for other Office applications. No menu is available for setting the internal margin on cells, but you can adjust the space between the cell and the contents by changing settings. This can be useful if, for example, you have a double border around some cells that is overlapping the cell contents. Adjust the height and width from the Format options in the Cells group.

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