Why Does My Screen Flicker When I Text on My Phone?


Although many cell-phone users have no problems with their phone's screen, you may find that your phone's screen is flickering during texting. Screen flickering, especially during activities such as texting and viewing images, is not considered to be normal for most phones. There are several potential causes for screen flickering on your cell phone. By troubleshooting through each cause, you can typically fix your phone's screen flicker problem.

Display Settings

  • Many cell phones come with display settings that can be changed. The settings that can be commonly changed include the brightness, contrast, refresh rate and display timeout. Occasionally, incorrectly changing the display settings can cause the screen to flicker when performing specific tasks, such as texting. This typically happens when the refresh rate is set too high or too low, as the refresh rate determines how quickly the phone's screen displays new information. When the settings are to blame, you can resolve the flickering issue by resetting your display settings to the factory default.

Water/Other Damage

  • When your cell phone is dropped in water or any other liquid, the liquid can quickly seep into the phone and damage important hardware. Even if the phone is only briefly hit by water, it can damage the phone's display and possibly cause the screen to flicker while texting. Eventually, the phone screen may stop working altogether as the damage from the liquid gets worse. Many cell-phone manufacturers consider water damage to void the warranty, so you may have to pay a fee to have your phone's flickering problem resolved in this case.

Low Battery

  • As your cell phone's battery gets lower, the phone starts to conserve what's left of the battery so that the phone can work for as long as possible. Sometimes this means that display and other phone functions won't work as well as they do on a full or mostly full battery. If you notice that your phone is low on battery when the screen flickers while texting, it's likely that the low battery issue is causing the screen to flicker. If this is the cause, charging your battery generally resolves the issue.

Other Causes

  • Your cell-phone screen may flicker when texting because the display LCD cable is loose or damaged. The display cable is very small and connects the phone's LCD screen to the phone's main circuit board. You can get the LCD cable reconnected or replaced by contacting your phone's manufacturer. Your cell-phone screen also may flicker because the phone is defective due to a manufacturing error. Contact your cell-phone manufacturer to see if the phone can be replaced for free.

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