Double Twist Not Updating Playlist


If your playlists do not update when you transport them to the doubleTwist music-playing application, the problem may be due to the limitations of the doubleTwist program itself. DoubleTwist is designed to interface with other media-playing programs such as iTunes, but it might not support all of the features and functions built in to those applications.

Smart Playlists

  • If you are using doubleTwist to interface with iTunes, the smart playlists in iTunes will not update when transferred to doubleTwist because the latter program does not support this feature. An iTunes smart playlist transfers to doubleTwist as a standard playlist. However, doubleTwist will update changes made to an iTunes smart playlist the next time you synch the program’s content if you activate the “Refresh Playlists From iTunes” option in the settings menu. Smart playlists must be created in iTunes, not doubleTwist.


  • Some doubleTwist users with Android devices may encounter problems adding a new playlist or getting an existing playlist to update when transferred into the program from a computer. The new and updated files appear initially, but after doubleTwist shuts down and relaunches, the old playlists reappear and the new ones do not. Resetting the doubleTwist program might fix this problem. Open the application and swipe to the left to access the Settings menu. Go to the bottom of the list, select “Resest doubleTwist,” and reply with “Reset” in the dialog window. This process will rebuild the program's database and may resolve this issue.


  • DoubleTwist is capable of synching with other media-player applications on the same computing device. Playlists that do not update when synched with another program on the same device could be encountering a problem that you can easily fix. Depending on the program, you might need to restart the application or the device before it recognizes new folders or files and updates the playlists. Shut down the application and then reopen it or simply restart the device.


  • Tech support at doubleTwist is reportedly aware of several playlist update issues, and the company is working on fixes at the time of publication. If troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue you are having with getting playlists to update in the program, contact doubleTwist through its website. You can email or telephone the support department or chat with a support rep on the company’s message boards.

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