A Whining Noise in a Samsung DLP TV


If your Samsung digital light processing (DLP) television is making a whining or buzzing sound, the most likely cause is either the cooling fan or the color wheel. When either component begins to fail, an audible noise can result. To stop the noise, you'll need to get the parts replaced. This should only ever be done by a trained Samsung technician.

Digital Light Processing

  • DLP technology is a technique used in high-definition projectors and TVs, such as Samsung's line of DLP TVs. DLP technology uses a glass wheel made up of different-colored sections with a very bright halogen lamp behind it. Light from the lamp passes through the color wheel and a lens that focuses it on a mirror. The mirror reflects the colored light onto a digital micromirror device, or DMD; this is a special chip covered with microscopic mirrors, each one corresponding to a single pixel of the image to be displayed. Light making up the image is then transmitted via a lens to the screen, while unnecessary light is diverted into a light sink. Some of the parts used by DLP, particularly the halogen lamp, the color wheel and the fan needed to keep the system cool, have a strong tendency to fail and are costly to replace. With the advent of new technologies, DLP fell out of favor.

Color Wheel

  • The color wheel inside a DLP television consists of six arc-shaped pieces of colored glass arranged in a circle around a central hub. It must constantly spin around very rapidly all the time the TV is switched on. Over time, the wheel's bearings can become worn or badly aligned. This can produce a squeaking or whining noise as the wheel spins, which may get worse as the condition of the wheel deteriorates. In extreme cases, the glass wheel may shatter altogether.

Cooling Fan

  • Because of heat-producing components such as the lamp, the inside of a DLP TV can become very hot. A cooling fan is required to regulate the internal temperature of the set to prevent damage to the components from excessive heat. As with any moving parts, the fan can break down over time. Wear and tear on the bearings can cause the fan to make a clicking, buzzing or whining noise as it spins. A noisy fan is not working properly and needs to be replaced before heat damage occurs.

Samsung DLP TV Repair

  • Don't try repairing your Samsung TV yourself. Firstly, this can void your warranty. More importantly, TVs contain many dangerous parts such as large capacitors holding hazardous levels of charge even when the set is turned off. The color wheel, being made from glass, can break easily, leaving sharp-edged fragments that can cause injury. You also shouldn't hire an unlicensed technician to conduct the repairs, which can, again, void your warranty. Unlicensed technicians may use substandard parts or the wrong parts for your TV. Contact Samsung about your problem and arrange for one of their qualified technicians to find the exact cause of the noise and repair your set.

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