Problems With Green Lines on a Samsung DLP


When green lines appear on a Samsung Digital Light Processing projection TV, the lines don't always appear in one set form or number, making it difficult to determine the cause of the problem. Instead, Samsung DLP TV owners may see one or more narrow or wide, solid or broken green lines in a horizontal or vertical path on the screen. The lines may appear in one spot, different areas or cover the entire screen like a lattice or piece of green plaid cloth.

Video Source and Equipment

  • Green lines often appear because of a problem with the video signal source or the equipment that provides video signal input to your TV such as cable and satellite receivers, DVD players and DVRs. If you change the channel and the green lines disappear, then the problem likely stems from the station you're trying to watch. If you bring up your TV's menu and the lines disappear, then your equipment or the attached cables are likely damaged, malfunctioning or defective. Pressing the video signal input button on your TV remote to switch between devices attached to it can help you find the cause of the problem, as the green lines disappear when the cause of the problem is the video equipment.

Cables and Ports

  • The cables used to connect video signal input equipment to your Samsung DLP TV can become damaged or loose resulting in an interruption of the video signal and, in some cases, green lines. Green lines also appear if you plug the cables into the wrong cable connector ports or if the ports on the back of your Samsung DLP TV, or the back of your television service or auxiliary equipment, are damaged or malfunctioning. To rule out the equipment and cables, check them for damage and check that you securely plugged the cables into the correct ports.

DMD Chip

  • The Digital Micromirror Device chip, and its related components, translates video signals via light into images on your TV screen. The light reflects off of tilting microscopic electromechanical mirrors on the chip through a lens on to your screen or away from it. Each mirror is the equivalent of one pixel. When the mirrors get stuck, or if the mirrors or related components malfunction, pixels on the screen can appear white or a color such as green.

Professional Troubleshooting

  • When you've ruled out video source and related equipment, or determined that the TV ports or DMD chip may be the problem, Samsung recommends that you seek out professional troubleshooting assistance. If the issue is with your video source equipment, contact tech support for the manufacturer of the equipment. If you believe the cause of the problem is your TV, contact Samsung Product Support at 800-726-7864 and ask for assistance. A Samsung representative can show you how to reset your TV based on the model number. If the reset doesn't work, the representative can help you make a service request or direct you to the service center closest to your location.

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