ASUS G73JH Subwoofer Problems


Subwoofers are the key to getting the best sound for the low-pitched bass beat you hear when music plays. The ASUS G73JH notebook computer comes with an audio subwoofer built into the body of the unit. The subwoofer is separate from the traditional laptop speakers. Any piece of hardware can be problematic at times. Since the subwoofer is a distinct part, it can have issues different from the other sound components.

Sound Volume

  • When you adjust the volume levels on your laptop, you may be expecting to lower or raise the sound with one tool. The onscreen volume control for the ASUS G73JH works a little differently than that of some systems. This is partially due to the separate subwoofer. When you click on the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop, you will see two volume sliders. One slider is for the speakers and the other for the subwoofer. If you are trying to turn down the volume on the computer, you will need to move both the sliders downward.

Bass Volume

  • When the bass on your ASUS G73JH is set too high, you may hear a low-pitched thumping when a sound plays. This indicates the subwoofer sound level is too high in comparison to the overall volume of the sound system. Since the ASUS G73JH has a separate slider for the subwoofer, you have the ability to reduce the bass without changing the volume on the laptop. Click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the desktop to open the slider controls. You will need to test both sliders to determine which one controls the subwoofer. Once you have music playing on the laptop, try moving the slider on the right up to increase the volume. You should hear the bass increase if this slider controls the subwoofer. If it does not increase, then use the other one to change the level of bass on your system.

Mute Sound

  • The ASUS G73JH, like most laptops, allows you to mute or change the sound by pressing the designated function key. Adjusting the sound using the function keys may only work with the speakers. You may need to turn down the sound on the subwoofer manually by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom of your desktop. The same may be true if you plug headphones into your laptop. By installing headphones, you turn off the speakers automatically, but it may not turn off the subwoofer. Click on the speaker icon and mute the bass from there.


  • The sound drivers on the ASUS G73JH work for both the speakers and subwoofer. A driver is software that provides information to the operating system on how to work the hardware. Updated versions of the sound drivers may not be equipped to handle a separate subwoofer. This means when you update, the operating system may stop recognizing the subwoofer. If the bass stops functioning, try to reinstall the original drivers from the disk that came with your laptop and avoid updating the them in the future.

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