My CD Player Skips on the Bumps


Many automobile CD players currently on the market feature built-in technology that significantly limits skipping when the car drives over bumps. However, older CD players and less-expensive newer models may still skip on a bumpy road. Several factors can increase the skipping of a car’s CD player, but taking preventive steps can minimize skipping when driving over bumps.

Why the Player Skips

  • Skipping can result from the improper installation of the CD player. CD players that are not factory installed at the time of purchase have a greater likelihood of experiencing installation-related issues such as skipping. Skipping can result from driving with faulty or worn-down shock absorbers on the car. Worn-down shocks significantly increase the amount of movement that the car experiences when traveling over bumps.

The Wedge Solution

  • One solution to minimize skipping when you drive over bumps is to wedge something under the CD player. Use a piece of cloth or another material that has a little give. Many CD player installations leave a small space underneath the frame of the CD player. Filling this space limits the amount of movement the CD player experiences when the car travels over bumps on the road. Additionally, the wedge material provides additional support for the CD player and absorbs some of the shock.

The Warm-Up Solution

  • Deal with a skipping CD player as you would a car engine. Many car owners, especially those who live in cold weather climates, allow the car’s engine time to warm up before putting the car in gear and driving. This allows the engine to function more smoothly and, over time, may prevent future engine damage. Applying this technique to a car’s CD player requires you to play a CD for a few minutes before driving the vehicle. Many car CD players feature technology that automatically scans ahead on the disk before playing audio. As a result, warming up the CD player uses this scanning technology to play audio stored in the player’s memory, avoiding skips in situations that include bumps in the road.


  • Frequent skipping in a CD player can damage the disc. When the car travels over a bump causing the CD player to skip, damage can occur inside the player. Over time, this damage can destroy a clean CD, ultimately resulting in skipping without bumps or other external factors.

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