Ejector Problem in a Denon CD Player


By default, pressing the eject button on the Denon CD player or remote control automatically ejects the disc, however, if standard 120mm discs don't eject, the issue is usually with the discs or the player itself. If the Denon CD player isn't performing as expected, Denon provides solutions to solve common ejector problems.


  • In most cases, the disc tray on the Denon CD player won't eject if the CD was improperly loaded or if it gets stuck. This is especially common if the CD did not rest perfectly in the tray when it was loaded. Other ejector problems are caused by power issues. The disc tray can only eject when the CD player is powered on.


  • If the ejector isn't working, verify whether the CD player is plugged into an electrical outlet and turned on. If the player isn't turning on, the problem may be with the outlet it's plugged into. Outlet problems are especially common if a tripped circuit breaker in the electrical panel in the house shuts down the outlets in the room the player is located in. If the Denon CD player isn't turning on, connect another device to the outlet to verify whether the issue is with the player or the outlet. If the device doesn't work, connect the CD player to a different outlet.


  • CDs are often likely to fall out of place in the disc tray and cause ejector problems if the Denon CD player is moved with the disc still loaded. Denon recommends ejecting a disc and then turning off the power before moving the player from one location to another. This moving precaution decreases the risk of ejector problems caused by discs.


  • If the disc tray on the Denon CD player isn't ejecting, do not force-eject it or you risk damaging it even further. Disassembling the unit and attempting to fix it yourself also increases the risk of further damage, so it isn't advisable. In addition, disassembling it is considered improper use, so you risk violating and nullifying a valid limited or extended warranty.

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