Bosch 280031V Specs

The Bosch 280031V is a model of fuel injector used in gas engines. Fuel injection systems deliver precise amounts of fuel into combustion chambers, where the fuel is ignited. They operate quickly and according to delicate timing to save fuel, while also ensuring the most efficient engine performance possible. The fuel pump itself creates the air/fuel mixture, but the injector is responsible for atomizing the fuel properly. Several key specifications, in the Bosch 280031V and all injectors, control the parameters of the injector and entire fuel intake system.

  1. Amount

    • One of the most important specifications for an injector is how much fuel it can move per minute. Some injectors are designed for smaller engines, such as motorcycles, while others are designed for larger engines that require more frequent injection for a greater number of cylinders. Sometimes this amount also is given as pounds per hour, such as 14.8 pounds per hour. The 280031V moves 245 cubic centimeters (cc) per minute.


    • Pressure is another way to measure how easily the injector can move and atomize fuel. Some systems may require a more powerful pressure rating than others. This specification is connected closely with the cc per minute, since greater pressures naturally will produce greater amounts of fuel. Pressure is rated at 100 percent operation, in other words when the injector is operating at 100 percent efficiency, making the specification a largely theoretical number. This model produces 45 pounds per square inch (psi) at 100 percent.

    Electrical Work

    • Many fuel injectors also provide information regarding electrical current. The injector uses the current to receive the necessary signals for opening and closing its valves. The current rating typically is given in ohms, which can be divided by 2 to get amps. Bosch fuel injectors can vary slightly in ohm usage, but ranges fall between 16 and 12 ohms for many injectors.

    Other Specs

    • A number of other important specifications pertain to the operation of the Bosch 280031V, but they also relate to other components of the engine. Intake and filter diameters are cited, in this case 52.6 and 50.8 mm, respectively. The type of body it is designed for and the adapters it may need to work with some engines also are important, but can vary based on the entire engine.

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