Convergence Problems in the Zenith R40W46 TV

Convergence can make your Zenith R40W46 TV appear blurry and discolored, and make it nearly impossible to watch. Convergence occurs naturally over time but it can also be brought on by a hard bump or electrical event. You can fix convergence in your TV by either adjusting the convergence in the Settings menu or in more extreme cases by replacing the convergence internal circuitry board (ICB).

  1. What Is Convergence?

    • Convergence occurs in your Zenith R40W46 when the red, green and blue projectors in your TV become out of alignment. Due to the misalignment, the images projected onto the screen overlap each other instead of being perfectly placed on top of each other, which results in a blurry image that appears severely discolored.


    • Convergence on the Zenith R40W46 TV occurs naturally over time and can't be avoided. Because this type of convergence occurs over time, you can see it slowly developing and getting worse on your TV. However, convergence can also be brought on by bumping or dropping the TV, or by a major electrical pulse passing through the TV, such as one resulting from a lightning strike. These events may cause convergence to appear more intensely and suddenly because they may result from problems with the TV's internal circuitry.

    Adjust TV Convergence

    • First, try adjusting your Zenith R40W46 TV's convergence using the Convergence option available in the Picture section of the TV's main menu. You can use the All-Point Convergence option to manually align the convergence using the arrow buttons on the TV's remote control in one part of the screen or you can use the Nine-Point Convergence option to manually adjust for convergence in nine different locations on the screen.

    Replace Convergence Board

    • The convergence ICB may need to be replaced. The convergence ICB powers the projectors and may be damaged as a result of a lightning strike or a jolt to the Zenith R40W46 TV, or it may simply be defective. The convergence ICB is most likely at fault if you don't see convergence developing over time, but it suddenly appears in an extreme fashion. If you're not comfortable working with internal circuitry and your convergence ICB needs to be replaced, strongly consider having the work done by a professional. Attempting to replace the convergence ICB is difficult and can result in your damaging other internal components.

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