Techniques for Hairline in Hairweave

Hairweaves have come a long way. No longer do they have to look obvious and unnatural. Part of making them look natural is to create a realistic hairline. One negative aspect of hairweaves is that long-term use can wreak havoc on the hairline from the pulling and stress. The hairline is the weakest part of the hair. Get natural-looking locks, and keep your natural hair healthy, by utilizing specific techniques for a hairline in a hairweave.

  1. Sew-In

    • Sew-in hair weaves are one of the most common, mostly because they are longer-lasting than other weave types. For this type of weave, the natural hair is first braided into cornrows. They are flat, tight braids that lie against the scalp. The hair extensions are sewn into those braids. If done correctly, it should give you a natural-looking weave, including the hairline. If done incorrectly, it will pull on the hairline and lead to breakage and even baldness.

    Tree Braiding

    • Using the tree-braiding technique, the stylist can protect your actual hair and not pull too tightly on the hairline. Tree braids done correctly allow the weave to fall in the same direction as your real hair. The stylist braids your natural hair while adding hair extensions throughout so that they are braided together. The weave hangs down from the braids. This technique protects your real hair while being gentle on your hairline.


    • Bonding a weave to your hair is the easiest way to add a hairweave. However, it can be the most damaging to your hairline if not done correctly. The weft, which is a section of the hair extension, is attached to the hair roots in small sections. The glue can end up harming your natural hair. This is especially the case if you try to remove them without using the proper removal techniques. Namely, you must use grease and oil sheen to remove the weave without pulling out your natural hair. The benefit of using the bonding technique is that it creates a natural-looking hairline.


    • One of the issues affecting the hairline of women who consistently wear hairweaves is traction alopecia. While most women might just experience thinning, traction alopecia is one of the consequences of wearing a weave for many years. It's due to the tension on the hairline due to years of heavy or improperly installed hair extensions.

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