Techniques to Get Vibrant Photos

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A photo's vibrancy is a combination of the lens used and the photographer's skills.

Photography is different from other visual art mainly because capturing any moment for posterity can be done instantaneously by the mere press of a button. By seeing the photo, people should be easily able to relive the entire collective memory associated with the moment. However, it is not easy. To avoid the photos from appearing dull or too bright, it will be helpful to brush up basic photographic techniques and avoid the flaws.

  1. Color

    • People’s dreams, tears, smiles, memories and perhaps almost all possible emotion get highlighted by some color. Appropriate use of color can effectively capture the mood of the moment captured. The color chosen must be shot and made the dominant subject. Isolating a brightly painted door or window would help.


    • For a dramatic effect, a subject with a basic design or shape but bold colors on a neutral background would be fine. Colors that are opposite of each other on the color spectrum wheel result in vibrant shots. Shooting a bright red flower against a green backdrop would make the colors appear bolder and saturated. Dynamic images can be created by choosing a scene that is monochromatic -- having one color, and then isolating a splash of color.


    • Photography is essentially all about light. When taking a picture, the direction and quality of light must get consideration. Playing around with light would help portray what the photographer is trying to convey in the image.


    • For an image, where the photographer wants to show the vibrant and diverse colors of the subject, under-exposure would give a gray look. Excessive exposure, on the other hand, can result in over-highlighting the picture, thereby killing the true color. The key to knowing when the photograph has an overdone effect or saturation level is when it no longer looks as it did in real life.

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